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Love Story Film (Trailer) – 2011 Documentary Romance Comedy

Love Story

Film (Trailer) – 2011 Documentary Romance Comedy

M Mature
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Love Story sees filmmaker Florian Habicht finding a movie, a plot, and a beautiful Ukranian, on the streets of New York. The off-beat romance is part love letter to NYC, part the story of Florian and Masha, and possibly even part true: with the script to this genre-bending tryst being written before our eyes, thanks to story input from real-life New Yorkers. Love Story won Aotearoa awards for best film and director, and raves from the Herald’s Peter Calder, who noted festival audiences gasping at the "strange, surprising and wildly romantic ideas sprinkled through it".

Key Cast & Crew

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Florian Habicht

Director, Writer, Subject

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Frank Habicht

Bathtub Skype Advisor

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Masha Yakovenko


Something that I really liked was the reality of the shoot and the acting, because it really is an exploration of life in a way. And with every take there was a different way you could go, a different possibility.
– Masha Yakovenko, on appearing in Love Story

Produced by

Pictures for anna

Pictures for Anna


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Title licensed by Sales Agency NZ Film Sales.


Made in association with the New Zealand Film Commission, the Arts Foundation of New Zealand, Laughing Whale Films and Metropolis Film.


Music includes compositions by Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Georges Delerue, Marc Chesterman, Killer Ray, and Lalo Schiffrin