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God, Sreenu and Me

Television (Full Length) – 2000

Filmmaker Stewart Main traverses India seeking enlightenment. There he meets ex-pat Kiwis who seem to have found it, which only leaves him feeling trapped in a life of the senses. Especially when he falls for his Indian sound recordist, Sreenu. Or so he would have us think. Made for TVNZ's Work of Art documentary slot, Main's startling, provocative film explores the cracks between the divine and the sensual, documentary and fiction. Director Andrew Bancroft writes about the result in this backgrounder.

Produced by

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Logo for MF Films

MF Films


Made with funding from NZ On Air in association with TVNZ


Music by the Gramophone Company of Inida, drawn from 1940s-60s recordings by Lata Mangeshka (a famed singer in the Hindi movie industry)