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Margan's Musical Move Short Film (Full Length) – 1971 Documentary Music

Margan's Musical Move

Short Film (Full Length) – 1971 Documentary Music

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It’s a little bit different from the usual type of tour ... I’m taking my own grand piano, to take music to places where normally this sort of music wouldn’t be presented.
– Barry Margan
I think there’s not enough young people coming to the more formalised type of concerts, because you see an artist come out complete in his tails and stiff collar, and he appears a very distant sort of person: he takes a formalised bow and sits down and plays Beethoven all night, and then takes a bow and leaves the stage. There isn’t a great deal of ‘contact’.
– Barry Margan
In this type of presentation the audience feel that they have actually met the performer instead of just going along and seeing or hearing the performer. And so it becomes much more of a social, enjoyable occasion instead of something of a ceremony.
– Barry Margan
The whole operation takes perhaps an hour, give or take a few broken thumbs.
– Barry Margan on the challenges of setting up the grand piano