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Hero image for Compilation - Memories of Service 2

Compilation - Memories of Service 2

Web (Full Length) – 2016

And that’s when we saw the bomb go off in Hiroshima. We were only about 180 miles away when that happened. We thought what had happened was that they’d blown up Japan.
– James Murray
The thought of all those lovely sailors was tempting so I thought I’d opt for the navy.
– Doris Coppell
So Ike and I hit this slit trench. I can still remember him huddled up, a little fellow, nice little guy he was, and he was shaking. And I suddenly realised I was shaking with him too.
– Tom Beale
So we were told that under no circumstances, whatever happened, we did not retreat any further regardless of casualties.
– Maurice Gasson
it was just dusk actually and initially it was quite interesting, all these tracers flying by like fireflies. Well we were firing our rifles from the hip as we did a ragged charge up this hill and I went to pump another round up the spout and my wrist wouldn’t work. By this time it was dark and I felt down and there was a big hole in it.
– Roye Hammond