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Compilation - Memories of Service 3

Web (Full Length) – 2016

On land, sea and air during World War II, and from Korea to Vietnam, this group of old soldiers remember their years of service. Close calls are common place but often laughed off, but the horror of war is often close to the surface. The third series of interviews from director David Blyth (Our Oldest Soldier) and RSA museum curator Patricia Stroud provide a valuable archive of a time now almost beyond living memory — particularly World War II, as the veterans enter their 90s and beyond. 

Out to sea all the guns opened up on us and they were a very flat trajectory. You could see the big shells … they would hit the sea and you would see them in the air and they would go over the top of us.
– Douglas Smith

Key Cast & Crew

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David Blyth

Producer, Co-Director, Interviewer

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Patricia Stroud

Producer, Research

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Phil Wallington

Co-Director, Interviewer

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Jed Town


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Halena Chapman

Titles/3D Animation

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Edward Larsen


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David Blyth