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Mister Organ

Film (Trailer) – 2022

He knows I'm making a film about him, and I think he wants to be a part of it.
– David Farrier delves into the mysteries around Michael Organ
That does seem quite weird. I mean I'd prefer you didn't have a key to my house.
– David Farrier's reaction to hearing that Michael Organ may be able to access his house
I decided to call Bashford Antiques. I wanted to ask Michael Organ why he or Jillian [Bashford-Evers] don’t have a secondhand dealers licence. I wanted to ask how he arrived at the clamping fee of $760. I wanted to ask if the police choppers were still circling overhead.
– David Farrier, in part three of his report on Bashford Antiques, The Spinoff, 10 October 2017
[David Farrier] said Clamped shares themes with Tickled in that both document bullying, abuse and a great deal of subterfuge.
– David Farrier on the similiarites between the film (then called Clamped) and his first feature documentary, Newshub, 10 June 2020
That's his trademark: soften them up, poison them off, then shoot them down in flames...
– One of those interviewed, on Michael Organ
The man’s name is Michael Organ, and by the time Farrier says that “you pay a soul tax for every minute you spend with him,” this twisty documentary has proven those words true beyond a shadow of a doubt.
– Reviewer David Ehrlich on IndieWire, 24 September 2022
...a deeply unsettling tale ... a gripping watch. I commend all involved in achieving a disciplined 90-minute run time out of an investigation that has taken six years to complete ... But once again, [David] Farrier has somehow attracted — or been attracted to (it’s hard to tell) — another unbelievable real life character that is fascinating and mesmerising in the worst ways possible.
– Reviewer Tim Batt on website Flicks, 8 November 2022
Mister Organ is everything you are hoping it will be. This is a dark, compelling, bleakly hilarious and — at times — disturbing film. You might ask whether it was wise of [David] Farrier to pursue [Michael] Organ – and to then perhaps goad him further by making this film. But you'll be glad that he did. Mister Organ is as bonkers, as it is jaw-dropping and disturbing.
– Stuff writer Graeeme Tuckett in a four star review, 8 November 2022