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Nambassa Festival

Television (Full Length) – 1979

The three day Nambassa Festival, held on a Waihi farm in 1979, is the subject of this documentary. Attended by 60,000 people, it represented a high tide mark in Aotearoa for the Woodstock vision of a music festival as a counterculture celebration of music, crafts, alternative lifestyles and all things hippy. Performers include a frenzied Split Enz, The Plague (wearing paint), Limbs dancers, a yodelling John Hore-Grenell and prog rockers Schtung. The only downers are overzealous policing, and weather which discourages too much communing with nature after the first day.

I have read here and there that the Split Enz Nambassa show was patchy. Phooey! I was blown out of my high perch by an inspired, awesome, display of edgy, driving pop music.
– Mike Chunn in his 1992 Split Enz book Stranger Than Fiction, page 162

Key Cast & Crew

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Philip Howe

Director, Editor

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Dale Farnsworth


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Peter Terry


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Andrew McAlpine

Camera Operator

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Doug Jane

Stage Sound

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Dave Hurley

Sound Mix

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Nambassa Trust


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Nambassa Trust


NZ On Screen acknowledges the musicians and performers for allowing NZ On Screen to reproduce this title on this website. 

Documentary made with the assistance of the NZ Film Commission