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Hero image for Neck of the Woods

Neck of the Woods

The Great Unwashed , Music Video – 1984

from the EP The Singles EP (1984)

The Great Unwashed were a short-lived spin-off of legendary band The Clean. 'Neck of the Woods' comes from the later, louder period of the group's existence. The accompanying video has a touch of experimental film to it. Alongside primitive animation, and stand-in bass guitarist Stuart Page wearing a loopy mask, the lyrical mentions of sun and moon are imbued by psychedelic light show effects, à la 2001: A Space Odyssey (although on a somewhat tighter budget). The video was filmed at TVNZ Christchurch’s studios, on the set of Miss New Zealand.

We filmed the video on the Miss New Zealand set. The little platforms we’re standing on are for the first, second and third place winners ... Ronnie van Hout, who’s quite a good artist — he did a lot of posters and record covers for bands back then — he made a mask that resembled Peter Gutteridge’s face that I had to wear.
– Stuart Page on filling in for bassist Peter Gutteridge, Axemen website, 7 September 2013

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