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Stuart Page

Director, Cinematographer

Director, cinematographer and Axemen drummer Stuart Page is a prolific maker of music videos. His work includes videos for The Clean, Snapper and Headless Chickens — plus the infamous, rarely screened abattoir clip for Skeptics track 'AFFCO'. In 2009 Page was awarded twice at Kiwi festival Doc Edge for his feature-length documentary Shustak — a portrait of his former Ilam photography lecturer, American-born Larence Shustak. Later Page completed "the biggest thing I've ever taken on": 2016 TV documentary How Bizarre, which charted the global rise and fall of Kiwi musician Pauly Fuemana. Page is also known as Stu Kawowski. 

Stuart Page's work is sometimes controversial, often breathtakingly beautiful, and always memorable. Broadcaster James Coleman