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Hero image for The Neville Brothers - Keepers of the Flame

The Neville Brothers - Keepers of the Flame

Television (Full Length) – 1992

I felt like I had been there before, you know? I just felt that I was a part of it.
– Singer Aaron Neville describes his time in Aotearoa
While we were all singing down in the Deep South, on the West Coast thousands were rioting over the outcome of the Rodney King trial ... wherever we turned at the time, politics seemed to dominate the conversation and the music.
– Narrator Moana Maniapoto on the mood in New Orleans in 1992
It was outrageous, like being in a dream. They were raging already and the first thing I saw was Aaron’s great hulking form, dancing away. And all the other Nevilles, waiting for us. Far out!
– Moana Maniapoto describes stepping off the plane in New Orleans to Rip It Up writer Chris Bourke, June 1992
...New Orleans has got to be the Disneyland for music lovers.
– Moana Maniapoto marvels at the variety and quality of street music in New Orleans
Family is the basic structure for civilisation, and if the family structure crumbles, then society itself as a whole crumbles. If we can keep that together — the family — maybe one day we can really all dance to the family grove.
– Cyril Neville