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New Streets - South Auckland, Two Cities Television (Full Length) – 1982 Documentary

New Streets - South Auckland, Two Cities

Television (Full Length) – 1982 Documentary

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@Steven Manukuo

Neil Roberts is dead...

s t

s t 10 Jan 2017 - 04.43am

How well I remember this era. We bought a house in what is known now as Clover Park in 1976. I literally watched the Manukau City Council building going up day by day out of my windows. Then the City Centre etc. etc. The surrounding area was all fields and I considered myself to be living out in the country! No phone and three pre-schoolers. Terrible. Luckily I had a car though which a lot of women didn't, as their husbands took the car to work each day. But Manukau Council did work very hard to get facilities started just as the mayor says in this doco. The back road across to Howick from East Tamaki Road was just a country road full of potholes along the way. Today I am amazed at the urban sprawl it has become. Take me back please!

Judith Furlong

Judith Furlong 4 Feb 2016 - 09.21pm

Otara South Auckland My Home for 24 years- Since then South Sydney for the Past 26.. No Regrets a youth to adultship growin up there was the norm- it was what it was ..and All of my Best Mems in Life stem back from those days ..I've lived the best of the best around Otara thru & thru- from the Forx to Floatillas up ET rd to the Farmers & Rendals Shopping Centre open air Stalls before the Birth of the Flea Markets, standing on the Roof of Classroom East Tamaki Primary watching the Tavern being built, watched Te Puke Otara built & the Swimming Pools- danced the Bands Grease Monkeys @ Otara Commmunity centre way before OMAC was conceived- Loved the Gospel Campaigns on Mobile Motorhomes that would show up at Public Parks and Preach the Word- my word" What some mems I have, could go on & on All evening- but i'll leave that next chapter for you to Add- thank you All peeps- especially to You TARA" :)))

Fergus Toto

Fergus Toto 12 Jun 2014 - 07.05pm

I grew up in Otara...and attended Otara College as it was named then..and also when the name changed to was nice to see x-teachers (Mitchell and Lindberg) and whanau faces and places...thankyou for creating this...brings back memories...

Bella Paul

Bella Paul 19 May 2014 - 06.41am

very interesting watching how things began in South Auckland in the late 1970's to now .... :-)


ani 29 Mar 2014 - 06.52pm

I'll watch this again, as I found it really interesting. If Neil Roberts, Alan Thurston and George Andrews were to go back and follow up or see what changes have occured would even be more amazing...I believe that every South Aucklander who was growing up at the time should watch this...steven n manukuo

steven manukuo

steven manukuo 28 Mar 2014 - 11.57am

Some things never change? South Auckland is still the same!!!


Logan 2 Feb 2013 - 11.09pm

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