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Hero image for New Zealand at Home - Modernism Triumphant (Episode Six)

New Zealand at Home - Modernism Triumphant (Episode Six)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2006

The whole of New Zealand copies Christchurch. We have, in fact, created a New Zealand architecture. Make no mistake about it, the only significant modern architecture is that which is derived from this lineage in Christchurch. Throughout the rest of the country the buildings follow and are totally influenced by this city.
– Architect Peter Beaven on the influence of Christchurch architecture
In a building like this, we do live fairly close together and we meet people. We meet them in the lift and we meet them in the lobbies ... we are very happy that we are able to do that, because if we decided that someone wouldn't fit in with us very well here, well, we could almost make it aware to them that they wouldn't, if they're totally undesirable looking sort of people.
– Jellicoe Towers resident Peter Heginbotham