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Hero image for New Zealand Today - First Episode

New Zealand Today - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2019

— Someone who can drive a tractor (must BYO tractor)
– Part of Guy William's Facebook list for Hawera's first non-racist midyear Christmas parade
...I feel like I've stuffed up here: I've come here with bad intentions. I've come here to make a comedy programme, and to exploit Hāwera's problems.
– Guy Williams talks to Hāwera local Merilyn Blomfield
For eight weeks I’m travelling the country meeting real Kiwis and going to the places no one else wants to go to, like Invercargill and Auckland.
– Guy Williams introduces the show
The local council told me to f*** off. It seemed Hāwera was too relaxed to care about the incident, but too uptight to talk about it.
– Guy Williams on the South Taranaki District Council refusing to be interviewed on-camera about blackface being used in a Christmas Parade
Home of the Whanganui River, one of New Zealand’s top 70 rivers and the famous Whanganui drive-through traffic island postbox.
– Guy Williams introduces Whanganui