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Families: Good for Life - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1995

This hour-long pilot episode of magazine style series Families: Good for Life tackles issues affecting new and potential parents. They include "the best age" to start a family, recognising when a baby or toddler needs medical attention, choosing a pet and making homes safer by fixing hazards. Presenter Hine Elder introduces the 'Triple P' parenting guide and author Matt Sanders explains its key themes. Actor Robbie Magasiva launches the 'Family Album' section. He chats to reporter Greg Ward about working on sketch show Skitz while sharing a meal with his Samoan parents and four brothers.

I think I was more into discipline with my other two and I don't necessarily mean smacking the children. But I was more into making sure that people thought they were well behaved. I actually don't really mind now; with Sophie I let her be a free spirit.
– Pauline Scott on her more relaxed attitude to parenting a young child, now she is in her mid 40s

Key Cast & Crew

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Greg Ward

Reporter, Director

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Hinemoa Elder


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Neil Waka


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Robbie Magasiva


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Julie Colquhoun

Reporter, Director

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Chris Lennon


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