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No Latitude for Error

Television (Full Length) – 1994

Down here every chore is done in a fridge with the hose on. The sea temperature is unsurvivable, one to four degrees above freezing...and the ice is yet to come.
– Narrator Philip Alpers on ENZA New Zealand entering the treacherous Southern Ocean
We’re going like a train...it’s wet, sunny, cool and windy and one heck of a ride. The boat is more like a submarine than a yacht most of the time and nobody has had much sleep in the last 48 hours. But we are doing very good miles and once we are through this particular system, we should be in for some real, pleasant Southern Ocean sleigh rides for a change.
– Excerpt from a report by ENZA co-skipper Sir Peter Blake on 5 February, 1994, Jules Verne Trophy website
It's quite a big sea we're going down at the moment...my boots are absolutely full, just full up.
– Sir Peter Blake feels it all the way to his gumboots as he guides ENZA New Zealand out of a choppy Atlantic Ocean
Tomorrow we pass New Zealand at the halfway point, 35 days to get halfway around the world...no sailing boat has ever gone this fast in all of history, it's quite incredible progress.
– Co-Skipper Robin Knox Johnson is happy with ENZA's progress halfway through their record attempt and Trophy challenge
For the next two months the fear of hitting something hard, something invisible at 50 K just won't go away.
– Narrator Philip Alpers on the danger of travelling fast through icy and unpredictable bodies of water
The saying is "to win a race you first must finish" and there comes a point where seamanship takes over and you've got to batten down the hatches.
– Rigger Edward Danby talks about an exhausting stretch of water nearing Cape Horn
Thank Christ for that, thanks guys....
– Co-Skipper Sir Peter Blake is relieved after successfully attaching a "drogue" ( a makeshift anchor) and slowing ENZA's unsustainable speed