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Cape Horn for the Hell of It - Around Cape Horn

Television (Full Length) – 1979

Director Roger Donaldson and soundman David Mitchell join a Kiwi crew "looking for trouble" on the cutter Rayo. They head for Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of Chile, where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet and hundreds have perished. The ship journeys from Puntas Arenas to the Horn and back, making pit stops at tiny settlements along the Murray Channel, including Wulaia (populated by one sheep farmer). In an unexpected twist it's the boat, not the Horn's fearsome reputation, that causes the most drama. The documentary was originally planned to be made as part of series The Adventure World of Edmund Hillary.

They've come 7000 miles only to have their mountain turn into a bit of a molehill...
– Narrator David Yerix on the unusual conditions the Rayo strikes around the notorious Cape Horn

Key Cast & Crew

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David Yerix


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Paul Sutorius


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Mike Bennett


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Jack Pizzey

Commentary Writer

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Richard Thomas


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Brian Shennan

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