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Hero image for NZBC Actors' Workshops

NZBC Actors' Workshops

Television (Full Length) – 1967

...it's not our intention to teach you how to act ...it's our hope to give you some idea of what this monster is all about; to give you a sort of feeling, a taste, of the problems and difficulties of television, in the hope of overcoming the first qualms and fears that a medium like this is liable to raise when it's approached for the first time.
– Producer Brian Bell to a group of Wellington actors
..the NZBC announced its plans for a series of actors' workshops to be held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. More than 400 actors applied to take part and 170 were chosen.
– Robert Boyd-Bell, in his book New Zealand Television - The First 25 Years, page 123
...the whole intention of this scheme is to try and make television drama a regular part of the NZBC output.
– Producer Brian Bell to a group of Wellington actors
None of us had the faintest idea what we were doing.
– Producer Chris Thomson on this period, in the Telling Stories episode of 50 Years of New Zealand Television
I spent the whole time trying to talk quietly, and trying to not make too many facial expressions and overdo things ... not thinking about interpretation at all.
– One of the actors, after shooting a scene