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On the Run Short Film (Full Length) – 1979 Sport Documentary

On the Run

Short Film (Full Length) – 1979 Sport Documentary

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This is fabulous - thanks for this. Our family never got a copy of this film, so it's great to see it. Regards the Foster Family - Kate

Kate Foster

Kate Foster 23 Sep 2014 - 03.26pm

A man ahead of his time.A true thinker and great coach!

Joe sanders

Joe sanders 16 Jul 2014 - 04.04am

Run can also be spelled EFF YOU ENNN (FUN)

Jamie Sinclair

Jamie Sinclair 3 Jun 2014 - 08.49am

John Walker was coached by Arch Jelly and not Arthur. I know this system works because I coach from this system.

Mario Oostendorp

Mario Oostendorp 1 Jun 2014 - 07.30am

Thanks for making this movie. I was raised as a runner on the Lydiard method of training. Had the privilege of meeting Arthur when he was on tour selling his shoes in Cerritos, California, in about 1973. What a great man! Few of us can say we changed the world. Arthur Lydiard did!

Allen Browning

Allen Browning 30 Apr 2014 - 04.59pm


Adolfo Neto

Adolfo Neto 12 Nov 2012 - 02.48am

This is a valuable relic and a window into another era. An innocent time before drugs in sport, when people ran for the pure pleasure of it. The Lydiards and Cerruty's of the world we will never see the likes of again.

Bas Gomes

Bas Gomes 23 Aug 2012 - 02.42pm

Tremendously interesting ! Thanks for sharing.


FRED 31 Jul 2012 - 02.30am

very inspiring. These great people were so humble and modest!


shine 27 Jul 2012 - 03.05am

Brillant. I have just linked this page from my little barefoot blog. It is one of my favourite posts of the week and it is great to see the giants of our sport in action. Thankyou.

Chris Fielding

Chris Fielding 21 Jul 2012 - 07.08pm

As a Lydiard coach it was a great insight to some of the runners training and mentality. As a mountain runner I had a huge smile on my face at the end while looking at Fosters descent. It's usually hard to see how steep and fast runners are going on film but my heart was in my throat watching him descending. I would love to try that slope some day.

Can't wait to watch the rest of the related videos on this website.

Jason, Dublin, Ireland

Jason Kehoe

Jason Kehoe 19 Jul 2012 - 11.14pm

A lovely time capsule, thank you for sharing. The quality of cinematography is fantastic - use of slow motion, wide angle, depth of field, etc.

Linden Wilkie

Linden Wilkie 19 Jul 2012 - 08.44am

This is a great find. Looked up Jack Foster and sad to see he was killed out riding his bicycle in 2004.


Dave 19 Jul 2012 - 07.27am

What an amazing video! Arthur Lydiard and his athletes are absolute legends. I'm proud to be a New Zealand athlete, following in the trails they blazed

Mr Run

Mr Run 18 Jul 2012 - 07.13pm

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