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On Tour with the All Black Army

Television (Full Length) – 2000

Jonah — he's the Edmund Hillary of New Zealand rugby. Hillary's at the top, he knocks the bastards over, and when Lomu's up there he knocks a few over too. So I think the highlight will be bringing that cup home.
– All Blacks supporter Jack Wright
Trying to keep people's spirits up is part of the task. They're disappointed with the rugby but at the end of the day we've come away, they've had a good tour, met a lot of new friends. That's what rugby's all about.
– Wayne 'Buck' Shelford on the relative success of the tour
Well, we know New Zealand's going to be in the final. Not too sure against who yet.
– All Blacks supporter Chris Deacon's ill-fated comment
England are out, Wales are out, Ireland are out, Scotland are out, so ... really I don't even know why I'm watching the bloody thing.
– An Englishman laments the Rugby World Cup semi-finals
Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? Not really. I don't know why.
– All Blacks supporter Robin Deacon, on the All Blacks loss to France