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Hero image for Open Door - Road to Recovery

Open Door - Road to Recovery

Television (Full Length) – 2007

Alyson Bradley
Alyson Bradley
25 Sep 2009 - 02.37pm
Thanks for that, its always good to know what ever anyone differences we are all real people, and I so agree its about understanding self and keeping a balance life to give us strength to live in a often none conformist society...

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line. –Oscar Levant. Just like there is a fine line between neurological diverse and none neurological diverse!

So often many seem scared to step outside there safe boundaries, but often I feel those of us with differently minded live on the edge of those boundaries, thinking outside the box.... pushing concepts and ideas and in part changing the future. Someone question me the other day on line but in away implying because they did not understand my neurological complexities than maybe I needed to be fixed!

But I could so easily think the same of any other who did not fit into my own mind set, and does in fact any majority have a right to question just because, especially when often they do not really understand, the differing and deeper complexities of the mind. I could so easily say the same about them and reverse what mind sets need fixing!

Mad, different, crazy simply words and no one is a word but a combination of many things...! (
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