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Our Day to Remember

Television (Full Length) – 2005

This 2005 documentary explores resurgent interest in Anzac Day, and examines the Kiwi desire to remember those who served in war — whether through patriotism, protest or burgeoning dawn services. The documentary is framed around the return of the Unknown Warrior to a Wellington tomb in 2004, as well as a trip to Trieste, Italy for Gordon and Luciana Johnston, and their 24-year-old granddaughter Kushla. Gordon was a World War ll gunner and Luciana an Italian nurse. Kushla learns of their war experience, and an early Cold War stand-off in the Italian city of Trieste after the Nazi surrender.

There is some phenomenal footage from that northern part of the war in Italy that hasn't been seen much in recent times. The Kiwis were really very effective fighters.
– Producer Gary Scott

Key Cast & Crew

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Michael Hacking

Writer, Director

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Sue Malcolmson


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Chris Terpstra


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William Brandt


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Gary Scott


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