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William Brandt

Actor, Writer

Actor and writer William Brandt was born to confuse. He has acted in films about writers, written acclaimed novels about the film industry (The Book of the Film of the Story of My Life), and produced documentaries. The NIDA graduate began as an actor. After scoring a starring role in madcap comedy User Friendly a week after returning from two years in Russia, he starred in TV movie Undercover, and romanced Janet Frame in An Angel at my Table. Brandt's writing CV includes award-nominated short My Father's Shoes, play Verbatim, and episodes of Duggan. He teaches short fiction at Victoria University, and creative writing in prisons.

It's true that you cannot make a good film without a good script, but at the same time a good script does not equal a good film. Other things have to happen. William Brandt, in a 2004 interview on website Lumière