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Piece of My Heart

Television (Excerpts) – 2009

Dear Chloe, you asked me how a woman could give away her baby. The thing is, there was no woman, there was a girl...
– Flora (Annie Whittle) begins a letter to her daughter in Australia
A beautifully produced, moving piece of drama, with terrific performances from all four leads.
– NZ Herald reviewer Michele Hewitson, 5 April 2009
Nothing was said but everyone knew what had happened. Back then it was called 'getting into trouble'. It was hugely scandalous and it wasn't until later you learnt the ramifications of what had happened: the shattered lives, fractured families, mothers against daughters — and the effects on the children. A lot went on to lead happy lives but some didn't.
– Actor Annie Whittle remembers the pain of unplanned pregnancies in NZ in the 1950s and 60s, NZ Herald, 4 April 2009
Playing the physical aspects of pregnancy were a lot easier for me but the mental and emotional places I had to go through regarding losing or giving up a child were very hard. It took me a long time to allow myself to fully go there ... I didn't want to obviously play the tough girl, because Kat possesses a great strength but is still a young girl struggling with something most grown women would find hard to deal with.
– Keisha Castle-Hughes on her role as teenage mum Kat, The NZ Herald, 4 April 2009