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Hero image for Looking at New Zealand - 'Pūhā and Pākehā'

Looking at New Zealand - 'Pūhā and Pākehā'

Television (Excerpts) – 1968

In the 1960s, parody songs like 'Rugby, Racing and Beer' and 'Pūhā and Pākehā' were big hits for singer Rod Derrett. Un-PC lyrics such as "I don’t give a hāngī for the Treaty of Waitangi / You can’t get fat on that – give me some pūhā and Pākehā" struck a popular chord, but were also subversive. Here the latter song is illustrated in a segment for popular NZBC Sunday show Looking at New Zealand. A Pākehā tourist who falls into a mud pool becomes an impromptu boil-up. The song (and some of the Looking at NZ footage) were rereleased in 2012 to promote cannibal comedy Fresh Meat.

You catch a little Pākehā, you put him in a pot / Cook him all up in your own homebrew / And what have you got? Kiwi stew!
– From the song's lyrics

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