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Body Electric and Car Crash Set were two of the first electronica I listened to in the 80's - could not believe they were kiwis, as most of the other electronica I liked was from overseas - J-M Jarre, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream etc... This still holds up well, even after 30 years.

J Green

J Green 18 Jan 2015 - 10.15am

I think Brenda is right but that doesn't mean it isn't fun to listen to. Pour me a cup of that tea, too. >;-D

Patrick Leahey

Patrick Leahey 1 Apr 2014 - 10.47am

I still have this on 12" EP - a treasured possession.

Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson 18 Nov 2013 - 06.21pm

...this goes out to brenda... "Pulsing" is a wonderful old-shool synth-pop track, produced way back in 1982... by real musicians(believe it or not), in fact Alan Jansson went onto produce the very popular "How Bizarre' track by OMC... so please... carry on with the knitting, make a cuppa tea and have a pleasant lie down...

mike rea

mike rea 18 Nov 2013 - 03.12am

I see this as a comedy spoof outlining the degeneration of real music.. but if I'm wrong.. so bite me!.. but I still like real music from real musicians.. call me old fashioned if you want to.

Brenda Anderson-Coley

Brenda Anderson-Coley 18 Oct 2013 - 06.24pm

lol My kids are wondering what I'm up to as I sit here with headphones on, bouncing around shouting "ELECTRODES!"
I couldn't help it I was instantly transported back 30 years to when I first heard it even though it was '84 or '85 before I got my own copy. It was in the compilation album "Barking Up The Right Tree"


sam_i_sisifo 3 May 2012 - 09.44am

What a blast from the past. Still like it, so amusive!

Dinah Barclay

Dinah Barclay 6 Mar 2012 - 12.51pm

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