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Hero image for Radio with Pictures - Christchurch 1982

Radio with Pictures - Christchurch 1982

Television (Excerpts) – 1982

Christchurch is an incestuous little burg, musically. There's three or four pockets of people who play a lot with each other and almost form bands but not quite, and sometimes form bands and form other ones all over the place.
– Chris Knox
Christchurch frontmen seem to be very very...pushy, perhaps. I mean Dick Driver's a good example of being a very upfront person. I don't know, it's perhaps because they've got to try a bit harder because they're from the South Island and not the North Island.
– Rob White, music writer for The Star
People in Christchurch are used to going out and having fun, and people in Auckland don't know how to have it because they're confused. They've lost confidence.
– Interviewee, on how Christchurch's music scene ranks nationally