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Radio with Pictures - Dunedin 1982

Television (Excerpts) – 1982

That’s the type of music that does play at the Cook: energetic type bands who play really neat cover versions and try to look really young when they’re about 45 years old.
– Shayne Carter from band Bored Games (later Straitjacket Fits and Dimmer)
The Clean were probably, I think anyway, the first completely original New Zealand band to get any success, and it killed them.
– Chris Knox
It seems to me it is a very good place to get a band started in, because you haven’t really got a lot of things to divert you.
– Critic and record store owner Roy Colbert on Dunedin
They were so exciting, and exciting is the fundamental thing in rock music.
– Critic and record store owner Roy Colbert on The Enemy
[Because] You’re out of the mainstream of New Zealand, and New Zealand is certainly out of the mainstream of the world, so you can look at it more objectively and say I’m going to go fashion, or I’m not going to go fashion, or I’m going to go loony… and I mean we went loony.
– Steve Young, formerly of Mother Goose
When we started off we figured we wanted to do everything the wrong way ya know? You’re not allowed to call yourself The Stones, so we did. Nice eh.
– Jeff Batts, vocalist for The Stones