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Hero image for Radio with Pictures - Wellington 1982

Radio with Pictures - Wellington 1982

Television (Excerpts) – 1982

Some of the bands who were grey are becoming quite colourful. Whether that’s an influence from England, or whether that’s just something that’s happening in Wellington, I really don’t know.
– Chris Knox
It's the sort of Red Mole tradition where there will be someone who will respond to a political jibe in this city, but maybe not in Auckland.
– Promoter Graeme Nesbitt on audiences in the Wellington music scene
Bands don't leave this country, you know. They just break up. So why should they try to copy imitate – just be fake – copy foreign bands? When they've got so much to talk about here. This country's just quite sick, I think.
– Void from band Riot 111’re not just competing with other band’s posters, you’re also up against restaurants, theatres, and radical lesbians march against nuclear three percent cuts posters.
– Reporter Simon Morris
I guess they’re playing for themselves, more commenting on social issues, rather than love and rock’n’roll.
– Producer Ian Morris on Wellington bands
Think of Wellington, and you think of three things: the government, the weather, and no gigs. Even the Prime Minister complains of nowhere to go except embassy parties.
– Reporter Simon Morris
It's not what you'd call the ideal situation, the extent that obviously I would love to be playing in Carnegie Hall. But I live in Wellington and I accept that. And if you're going to be a musician you've got to go out and make a living, and you've got to be able to retain, in my case, recording links, links with overseas.
– Singer and future Slow Boat Records founder Dennis O’Brien
We tend to have bands that range from arrogant, to esoteric, to downright indulgent, and that is part of the mentality of the city.
– Promoter Graeme Nesbitt