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Hero image for Redwood 70

Redwood 70

Television (Full Length) – 1970

We won't have anyone leaping on the stage this time.
– Promoter Phil Warren to Robin Gibb
I can't say I felt scared. It's quite natural something like that should happen after a crowd of such a vast amount had been there all day. It was quite late when I appeared. They'd had the weather all day as well ... a bit heated.
– Robin Gibb reviews his encounter with the crowd from the first day
I came to see a bit of a revolution. Cincinnati Underground: they’re about the only decent group here. I came to razzle the rest of the groups.
– A concertgoer
Hi and welcome to Redwood 70 ... This is the first national happening of this happening decade. A love in, a live in, a be in: 36 hours of non stop top pops of New Zealand’s top bands.
– MC Peter Sinclair
You get to know more people and you get to know more songs, and go to the party and party up large … you know what I mean.
– A concertgoer
If there’s any trouble at all Gibb's act will stop. So let’s cool it and have a groovy scene.
– Redwood MC Peter Sinclair