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Hero image for Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope

Television (Full Length) – 2013

I’m in an arena where people have high emotions, they get stressed and pressured. I’m reasonably confident that I can avoid situations where I’ll be unsafe. I don’t have any death wish — I’ve got a game of golf tomorrow.
– Mike Hinton, on the dangers of the job
In its simplest form, restorative justice is a conversation between the victim of a crime and the offender.
– Mike Hinton
... taking responsibility for hurt, harm and making amends.
– Mike Hinton on what restorative justice means
If jail was the university of life, then what are you going to create? If you put a young man — malleable, fit — seeking knowledge into a room full of hardened criminals — career criminals — what is he going to learn? So what choice does he have?
– Mike Hinton
When footage is this compelling, the show-not-tell approach is the right one. The end result is a lesson in the power and value of restorative justice that strips away preconceptions.
– Sarah Lang, reviewing Restoring Hope in the Herald on Sunday, 14 April 2014