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Royal Tour in Review Television (Full Length) – 1983 News/Current Affairs Documentary

Royal Tour in Review

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I hope that his [William's] presence here has helped to provide that family feeling that I know my wife and I feel is so important. He has explored Auckland to the best of his ability incognito and he's managed to get to places like Long Bay, and Wenderholm, and even Cornwall Park. And Government House will never be the same again!
– Prince Charles, in his farewell address
But my wife has proved, apart from anything else, that she's as good as the next woman at the art of hongi. Both our noses will carry many memories of this particular tour to New Zealand. And I dare say many other noses will bear the imprint of ours as well.
– Prince Charles, in his farewell address
I've come to the conclusion that really it would've been far easier to have had two wives [audience laughter] ... to have covered both sides of the street. And I could have walked down the middle directing the operation.
– Prince Charles, in his farewell address jokes about the demands placed upon Diana by the tour