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Rumble & Bang

Film (Full Length) – 2011

I think because they had a residency like that [at The Stage Door] ... because we were touring a lot, we had to tread the path reasonably carefully. We were always envious of the fact that they did some wild shit. Man it was good.
– Former Breakaways members Midge Marsden on Chants R&B
That song ' I Want You' - it's the most f***ed up out of tune, bad ... but it's so good. I guess it proves that feeling is more important than proficiency.
– Paul Froggatt of later Auckland band The Cavemen looks back at Chants R&B
We thought we'd get up and play any old shit. It'd turn into something good after a couple of tries.
– Chants R&B guitarist Matt Croke (aka Max Kelly)
We were sex, drugs and rock and roll, without the sex and drugs. It was just a lot of rock and roll, a surfeit of rock and roll, and that's what we were. We were entirely about the music.
– Chants R&B vocalist Mike Rudd
That thing of starting your own label and your own sort of cottage industry selling amplifiers and things, I don't know where the model for that comes from ... I don't know where you learn that from. That's just number eight fencing wire, six-inch nail Kiwi ingenuity.
– Music writer Nick Bollinger on Chants R&B's DIY approach
I used to hitchhike to Christchurch, go and see the Chants, and then be back before my parents found out. I did it lots of times.
– A punter at Chants R&B's reunion show recalls seeing the band live in the 1960s