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Hero image for Rural Delivery - Series Five, Episode Five

Rural Delivery - Series Five, Episode Five

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2009

Multi-season magazine-style show Rural Delivery covers the latest in New Zealand's primary industries. In this episode from 2009, special features include major innovations in robotic milking, a sustainable forestry success story, and how efforts to protect Lake Taupō affect farmers. Presenter Roger Bourne also delivers the rural news segment; from stock prices to leadership changes. The news segment also addresses the West Coast's "rustlers" problem thieves stealing livestock in the night. Bourne passes on a message from Federated Farmers: you better hope the police catch you before the farmers do. 

We were the first commercial farm, last year in New Zealand, to actually adopt robotic milking . . . There are many benefits to robotic milking and we perceive these not only in money terms but also in terms of lifestyle.
– Winslow Ltd. Managing Director Craig Carr

Key Cast & Crew

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Richard Williams


Generic Profile image for Jerome Cvitanovich

Jerome Cvitanovich

Field Director, Research

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Roger Bourne


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Kirsty Cooper

Executive Producer, Studio Director

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Liz Kruse

Associate Producer

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Tracy Nodwell


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