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Country Calendar - Cow World

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1998

When Auckland-based businessmen bought Andrew Gurney's old Northland farm and offered him the job of running an American-style 'high production' dairy operation, he was sceptical. Reporter Sharon Hill discovers how this 'corporate' model has tipped pastoral farming on its head. Gurney's cows are divided into different herds, spend most of their time inside sheds, and consume a specially designed feed. The results are impressive and milk production has doubled — but not without stress for Gurney, and distrust from the wider community. The farm also offers Cow World, a tourist attraction and petting zoo.

They don't like to think that people would spend so much money on meal and the whole operation, and if they did, how could they get a profit on it. But this farm has done a cost analysis and they've found that they're getting ... quite a significant percentage higher [return] than what you'd get in the bank or most forms of investment...
– Vet Tim Beauregarde on skepticism from neighbours and local farmers

Key Cast & Crew

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Paul Chattington

Sound Recordist

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Dawn Deavin


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Sharon Hill


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Jim Hickey


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Warren Bradshaw


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Frank Torley

Director, Producer

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