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Shazam! - Mockers Special Television (Full Length Episode) – 1984 Music

Shazam! - Mockers Special

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1984 Music

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Phillip Schofield introduces The Mockers at this benefit concert at the Christchurch Town Hall, which was later broadcast on Schofield's youth music show Shazam!. Their first album has just gone straight into the Top 10 and the band are well on their way to becoming pop stars, with Andrew Fagan, resplendent in red frock coat and bare chest, very much out front as one of Kiwi music's great showmen. Six songs are featured — including the hits 'Woke Up Today', 'My Girl Thinks She's Cleopatra', 'Alvison Park' and the title track of the band's 1984 album Swear It's True.

Key Cast & Crew

1984. Sweetwaters ... This time the band that took to the stage – featuring newcomer Tim Wedde on keyboards – oozed confidence and professionalism, with a front man who seemed at home rather than overawed by the crowd. The new-look Fagan took to the stage in make-up, wild hair, and a bizarre taste in clothes.
– Author John Dix, in his 2005 book Stranded in Paradise