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Solo Film (Excerpts) – 1977 Drama Romance


Film (Excerpts) – 1977 Drama Romance

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I thought the name Vincent Gil was familiar, he played "Nightrider" in Mad Max.


Aaron 8 Dec 2018 - 02.44am

Australian company Umbrella Entertainment has now released Solo on DVD as a double bill with Alison's Birthday. You can buy it via the Mighty Ape website and Aro St Video, among other suppliers.

Ian Pryor

Ian Pryor (NZ On Screen team) 13 Jul 2015 - 10.04am

Thanks Charles! Now we've got a much better copy.


Suzy 28 Jun 2015 - 03.35pm

It is available on a Spanish DVD with the original English soundtrack. A bit difficult to locate, but I have info at my website.

Charles Eggen

Charles Eggen 27 Oct 2014 - 08.24am

I married Perry. I desperately want to see Solo released on DVD, as our dodgy VHS copies are, well, dodgy


Suzy 4 Feb 2013 - 11.56pm

My father was Crispin Beaulieu in this movie. He died in 1999 and it's so cool to see his legacy live on. I am a very proud son and love the fact that he played a role in this Movie.

To Chris Reynolds; Did you do the make up for my father Max AKA Crispin Beaulieu? Would love to share your memories :)

John Fernie

John Fernie 2 Jun 2012 - 10.08pm

I was the Makeup Artist, did hair dressing and wardrobe on this film. My memories are long, long, long hours, many reshoots, and working for 'mates rates'. The most hurtfull thing was the so called 'minor'crew not being invited to the premier - that is until we planned to turn up anyway and protest. Its still a pretty film with amazing cinemaphotography!

Chris Reynolds

Chris Reynolds 14 Jan 2012 - 04.49pm

I actually went to Primary School with Perry Armstrong....I always wonder what ever happened to him :)


Trevor 8 May 2011 - 04.16pm

Is this movie avilable on DVD?

P-O Eriksson

P-O Eriksson 3 Apr 2011 - 12.44am

Id love to know who wrote the music for the film?

ray jay

ray jay 28 Jan 2011 - 12.09am

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