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Film (Trailer) – 2017

Long fascinated by the idea of community, Florian Habicht (Love Story, Kaikohe Demolition) discovered one in an unexpected place while making his eighth feature. Spookers is the name of a live horror attraction south of Auckland, adjoining what was once Kingseat psychiatric hospital. Habicht got to know a number of the performers working there. Alongside engaging and sometimes emotional interviews — and scenes of the staff at work, scaring the punters silly with zombie brides and chainsaws — he created scenes inspired by the performers' dreams and nightmares.

...I held a workshop with some of the actors and asked them to write down their dreams and nightmares on bits of paper. We ended up scripting these dreams which they acted out as dramatic scenes, which are now woven throughout the documentary ... as filmmakers we were moved by their ability and courage.
– Florian Habicht on making Spookers, Stuff website, 22 March 2017

Key Cast & Crew

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Peter O'Donoghue

Editor, Writer

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Veronica Gleeson


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Florian Habicht

Director, Writer, Camera

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Virginia Whitwell

Producer, Post-Production Supervisor

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Suzanne Walker


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Nick Batzias


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