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Toy Love , Music Video – 1979

from the single Squeeze/Rebel (2019)

"I'm a fraud / I'm a sham..." The debut single from this influential Kiwi band introduced New Zealand television audiences to Toy Love's recipe of pop riffs and punk sneer. Although the group only existed for 18 months, they charted three times and made a lasting impression on the live scene on both sides of the Tasman. The single 'Squeeze' (backed by B-side 'Rebel') was recorded after a one-off deal with WEA. Vocalist Chris Knox is front and centre, crackling with malevolent energy in a video that mixes kids' toys with some gross out performance art.

The new songs had a completely different feel, written to accommodate Paul's very idiosyncratic bass playing and Jane's full-on keyboards. 'Rebel' was a protest song of sorts, while — like 'Squeeze' — admitting that the author of the tirade was pretty similar to the object of his scorn.
– Chris Knox on songs 'Squeeze' and 'Rebel', The NZ Herald, 1 November 2012

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