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Hero image for Strongman - The Tragedy

Strongman - The Tragedy

Television (Trailer) – 2012

There was a Catholic priest and he wanted to speak to me alone. He asked me if I'd said my prayers, and I said no, I hadn't, so we said some prayers and then he told me, and I called him a lying bastard. That's something I'll never forget. Childhood was over, really.
– The son of a miner killed at Strongman remembers how he heard the news
If you get emotional in there, you're dead. It wasn't a place for emotion.
– Mick O'Donnell talks about his mindset going into the mine to retrieve victims
When I heard about Pike I was just stunned. Here I'd been working on Strongman for a couple of years, never in a million years did I envisage that another disaster would happen. It really knocked me for six. I spoke to some of the people who I'd interviewed, we talked about it, and decided it was the right thing to carry on, that it was even more important that it got made.
– Writer and co-director Paula McTaggart on hearing about the Pike River Mine explosion, The Sunday Star-Times, 13 May 2012