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Sunday - Media Women

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1986

Most of the time they were portrayed as either the dolly bird glamour model — there primarily because they were attractive — or as the hausfrau, and often the hausfrau was portrayed as being rather stupid.
– American journalist Judy Pehrson on the results of a Kiwi survey looking at how women were portrayed in advertising
This whole debate is all about who's got power.
– Allison Webber at the end of her interview with Sunday reporter Lindsay Perigo
When I see chimpanzees in an ad for tea bags, I don't take the content seriously. I'm not intended to. It's not the exploitation of chimpanzees. It happens to be a very effective way of advertising the tea bags.
– Sunday reporter Lindsay Perigo speaking to interviewee Allison Webber
I don't know a single woman in my life who is remotely concerned about whether her bath is yellow, green or pink — it is quite offensive.
– Allison Webber, speaking to Sunday reporter Lindsay Perigo
It's alright for men to have warts on their noses, but women have to be glamorous.
– Gaylene Preston on double standards in the world of cinema