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Survey - What Happened at Oruaiti

Television (Full Length) – 1972

In the early 1960s two North Island schools — Oruaiti and Hay Park — experimented with an innovative method of practical education. This episode of Survey sees principal Elwyn Richardson revisiting Oruaiti, and reminiscing on how the two schools functioned. He offers his views on traditional textbook learning — the more “American” system, as he calls it. Ex students reflect on their time at the school, and how an education based on arts, building and play shaped the people they’ve become. Modern schooling in Aotearoa now follows the example set in those early days.

If I was squashed it would feel funny and an ambulance would have to come. Blood would be coming out of you and you would have to go to hospital.
– Two children observing a steamroller

Key Cast & Crew

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Peter Coates

Director, Producer

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Cherry Raymond