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Swagger - Series Four, Episode One Television (Full Length Episode) – 2017 Children Lifestyle Magazine Captioned Māori Te Reo Young Adults

Swagger - Series Four, Episode One

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It’s very early, it’s like 10.40am … before 12 kills me!
– Lexi Kiriwi on getting up to mow the lawns
The whole point of this is whakawhanaungatanga!
– Varron Armstrong on the Te Tai Tokerau marae challenge
'[Swagger offers] a whole new way of thinking about television. We have technology at our fingertips and we are already using it. We make movies to go on YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram. We are already putting things that are important to us online. So why not put it on television?
– Ngawaero Maniapoto, one of the young people who worked the first series of Swagger
Amazing: that’s like a 747 in the water!
– A swimmer on snorkelling with a whale off Tonga
Smartphone stories told by rangatahi, for rangatahi (and anyone young at heart).
– A tagline for the fourth season of Swagger