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I'm Taking Nana Home

Television (Full Length) – 1994

She wants to see what remains of her country after 20 years of war. I'm going to take her home.
– Narrator Steve La Hood
One of the lessons I learned on that, was as a documentary maker, you have to get close to your material ... but there has to be a point where you say 'that's them, and this is me'. And I didn't.
– Director Steve La Hood looks back on making the documentary
We've spoken to your officer down the road, your Lebanese army officer. He said it's ok.
– Steve La Hood to a Lebanese soldier, during one of many negotiations to film in Beirut
I thought arriving to Beirut is going to be easy because I am Lebanese born ... They wanted my grandson to pay for the implements that he is taking into the country to do some filming. They wanted us to pay tax on it (laughter), which we thought was ridiculous. And they kept us there till three o'clock in the morning, arguing.
– Mintaha Beca, on her arrival at Beirut International Airport
It's one o'clock in the morning, we’re surrounded by men with machine guns, and there's me and [cameraman] Grant Atkinson collecting 15 pieces of luggage. The first thing to come off the baggage carousel is this long black tube with the word 'Rocket' on it. I looked at Grant and I said 'they can’t read English, it's alright'.
– Director Steve La Hood recalls a tense moment at Beirut Airport, involving a bag from NZ film equipment company Rocket Rentals