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Tangata Whenua - Waikato Television (Full Length) – 1974 Documentary Te Reo Māori

Tangata Whenua - Waikato

Television (Full Length) – 1974 Documentary Te Reo Māori

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Hi Graham, clearing rights to screen further episodes of the TW series is a long process. Presently the only way you can view the whole series would be to go into the Film Archive in Wellington or Auckland and watch it there.

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 10 Jun 2014 - 10.03am

How can I get a copy of the whole series?

Graham Williams

Graham Williams 9 Jun 2014 - 08.09pm

Thank you, thank you, thank you Michael, Barry and John for giving us motion pictures of our kaumatua, kuia, whanau whanui and some stories as told by them back in the early 70's. Thankyou for your foresight so that we as uri can share with our tamariki mokopuna. Ka mau te wehi.

Alma Andrews (nee Taupo)

Alma Andrews (nee Taupo) 14 Dec 2013 - 03.13pm

Hi i'm looking for anything that you may have back dating from 1974 of Ripora Kukutai speking on the Tauranginui Marae as we are trying to get some info as we are the younger generation of her line and of parents do not know much.

Loretta Wilson

Loretta Wilson 29 Nov 2013 - 10.40pm

Awesome..very touching, brought tears to my eyes & to see my nana right at the end of clip 4 blew me away...thats exactly how I remember her back in the 70s in my childhood yrs

Tina Puru

Tina Puru 29 Sep 2013 - 01.36am

Kia ora Paul Ward, thank you for that. I have acquired a copy now. TAONGA !!!

Tania Davis

Tania Davis 12 Aug 2013 - 05.13am

He mihi aroha tenei.
It was just so awesum to see this clip "Tangata Whenua - Waikato"
The stories & seeing the lady & Whatu, uncle Piri Poutapu, uncle Dave Manihera, Aunty Bea Kerr with John or on arm at a young age, & of course our Aunty Ina Te-Uira, Nanny Tura members of the brass band, Houpai Herewinin & listening to the stories of the river etc, very moving clips.
He tangi aroha tenei mo ratou.

Paretemihinga Williams-Martin (Parr)

Paretemihinga Williams-Martin (Parr) 7 Aug 2013 - 01.21pm

Just brilliant!

Wanda Kiel-Rapana

Wanda Kiel-Rapana 18 Feb 2013 - 02.56pm

Kia ora Tania: you're right, the episode on NZ On Screen is one part of six (see Paul Diamond's backgrounder for further info on the series: ). We're working at clearing further episodes to show on the site, but this is a slow process involving iwi and whanau permissions. Currently their are two ways you might access further episodes: you could make a personal use request to TVNZ Archives ( ) or you could visit the Wellington or Auckland branch of the Film Archives and watch an episode in one of the viewing rooms there.

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 28 Oct 2012 - 04.39pm

Can anyone help me out here. This was originally a six part documentary of which one was screened in Taitokerau. From my memory this was series six, however I can only access up to series 4 here. I would like to view the last two series. Can anyone tell me how I can do that ?

Tania Davis

Tania Davis 28 Oct 2012 - 12.29pm

He mihi aroha kia koutou nga ki te whanau o Port Waikato.
Was lovely to see my nanny Marama Rauwhero and her sister Nanny Hiko Wilson and nanny Tura and Waka Kukutai
So blessed to have them in my life.


Mahina 14 Aug 2012 - 04.14pm

I was looking through the photos. The fifth photo of the woman sitting at the table is my mother Meretiana Davis. The photo was taken in our home in Porirua.

Tania Davis

Tania Davis 26 Jul 2012 - 01.14am

Tena Koe, Ka koa nei taku ngakau ko kite au enei oku Tuupuna nga Maatua mai Te Pua O Waikato, ko Te Marae o Tauranganui. Ka tino tawhito enei hotaka, ko kite au nga mahi o ratou maa, ko te nga wari te ahua o raatou maa. Ka titiro au enei nga tikanga kei wainganui kia ratou, kahore au e kitea te riri me te tino irunga tenei hotaka. Te nuinga onga Tuupuna irunga tenei hotaka, he Tuupuna noa atu. Ko mate katoa ngetehi o ratou. Ka tuku mihi ka koutou te Hotaka o Aotearoa mo enei taonga, te painga o tatou katoa. Nga mamankitanga kei irunga kia koutou, Paimarire.


Herangi 1 Mar 2012 - 09.01am

Really really AWESOME...I'd never thought we ever watch something like this on net. My whanau enjoy it, good old times and memories.
Love to see more great selection. Do you have any clipping of Taupo, Putaruru or Turangi can watch?
Ka pai ehoa


punoke 17 Feb 2012 - 01.27am

Kia ora Tutara: unfortunately no episodes from the Tangata Whenua series are available for sale. FYI we're currently working on getting rights clearances to show further episodes of the important series on NZ On Screen. It's a lengthy but worthy mission; we will keep you posted.

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 6 Feb 2012 - 05.15pm

I enjoyed watching the video.I would like to purchase a copy.

Tutara Toa

Tutara Toa 5 Feb 2012 - 10.52pm

Ka rawe ke hoki te whakaaturanga nei. E piranga ana au te hoko mai i tetehi CD maku me ka taea.

Tutara Toa

Tutara Toa 5 Feb 2012 - 10.50pm

maake from tauwhare is who i am... this is for Te Rama Kerr....
darling!! your family you come from are as big as life, very beautiful people, i whangaid Trevor Hotene's mokopuna myself, i know how important it is to know where u come from, i made a promise to nana trevor that i would make sure kirirangiwhau Taiapa would know who her uncle and aunties were..her birth father was eru fawcett whangai by harold and polly fawcett from tauwhare. uncle trevor is eru's brother,there sisters are neta, tira, rongo and anne. these are jst from what i remember, i know them.
9 kahui ave tauwhare my darling is uncle trevors address.


maake 19 Dec 2011 - 06.17pm

@Karepe Kia ora. We are working on getting more episodes of this series onto the site. There are a lot of rights clearances to work through, but we're getting there! More soon.

21 Mar 2011 - 08.38am

kia ora
i just want to know if u can get the tangata whenua series of 1974 on Tokomaru Bay and Nga tamatoa with ngoi pewhairangi in it. I am really interested in seeing this

Karepe McDonald

Karepe McDonald 19 Mar 2011 - 10.36pm

Thats how it was when mum took me to Ngati Haua... Tauwhare Marae Te Ngore father side of my mother's side.

Mum's dad: nanny trevor... Hotene well his great great grandmother? or grand mother was Harepo Rongo

I am who?
I am one with all

Te Rama Kerr

Te Rama Kerr 3 Mar 2011 - 06.08pm

Kia ora awesome i loved the whole show please let me know how to get a copy.

Ngaire Graham

Ngaire Graham 22 Aug 2010 - 11.45am

I would of been a baby or very young when this was recorded but faces/voices I do remember (Koro Dave (Tumokai), Koro Whati, Nanny Parekino....& all the nannies/koro's, 'He kitenga kanohi he hokinga mahara' Dad is even on one of these singing at Tauranganui Poukai with Nanny Charlotte (Tupaea) & all the nannys from the 'nanny bomb' (Nanny Tuura's bus) who use to look after me as a baby! I love, HOW to aquire a copy???
Thanx for sharing xxx memories

Hera Haunui jnr

Hera Haunui jnr 22 Jun 2010 - 10.53pm

A great documentary series -- one that many Pakeha could learn from. It's a shame that it is so difficult to come by -- is there any chance of uploading the entire series? Or, even better, bringing it out on DVD?!?!

Andrew Dean

Andrew Dean 1 Jun 2010 - 11.25am

Tino pai rawa atu te pikitia nei


T 30 Apr 2010 - 12.14am

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