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The Carmelites Television (Full Length) – 1969 Documentary

The Carmelites

Television (Full Length) – 1969 Documentary

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I love this vintage documentary it is very inspiring. It shows how tradition has been maintained. Nothing seems to have changed in the Carmelite Order (who I stayed with for a couple of weeks) that is apart from the removal of the grill, and the slightly less physical work done by todays Carmelites.


Anne 26 Aug 2013 - 08.19pm

I am from Britain and have met nuns, for study. This film was interesting and a thing of beauty.
Since those times, some convents have modified their strictness, but not all. There is a growing interest in such devotion and the famous film "Into the silence", of previously hidden Carthusian monks.
Likewise, the uk film of the Carmelite nuns in London,
Such films are a wonderful glimse of another world, where God is loved.
Thank you for this lovely film!
Joan Zia

Joan Zia

Joan Zia 12 Jul 2013 - 08.32am

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