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Hero image for For as Long as it Takes - The Chills

For as Long as it Takes - The Chills

Television (Full Length) – 1992

This comprehensive documentary about Flying Nun band The Chills was made in the aftermath of their biggest album Submarine Bells, with founder Martin Phillipps again in search of new band members. The Chills recorded iconic New Zealand pop songs like 'Pink Frost' and 'Heavenly Pop Hit'. They also faced some bitter blows, including the loss of talented drummer Martyn Bull, financial hardship, car accidents and frequent lineup changes. Phillipps addresses the so-called Chills curse, while past members Peter Gutteridge, Justin Hayward and Andrew Todd talk band dynamics and Phillipp's search for pop perfection. 

The funny thing is when a person dies, generally people will try and make them out to be some sort of saint or something. But Martyn really was a very special person, and the irony of it was that he was also a sort of a superb physical specimen — you know he really took a lot of care of himself — and to come down with such a degenerative disease was, you know, very sad...
– Martin Phillipps on losing his good friend Chills drummer Martyn Bull to leukaemia

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Kate Peacocke

Kate Peacocke


Profile image for Rob Sarkies

Rob Sarkies

Field Director

Generic Profile image for Jef Grobben

Jef Grobben


Generic Profile image for Lisa van dar Aarde

Lisa van dar Aarde


Generic Profile image for Ian Garner

Ian Garner

Producer, Field Director, Concert Director, Writer

Profile image for Peter Cathro

Peter Cathro

Camera Operator -English Footage

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Produced by

Ian Garner


Made for TV3 with funding from NZ On Air


Includes performances of 'Heavenly Pop Hit', 'Night of Chill Blue', 'Kaleidoscope World', 'Oncoming Day', 'Doledrums', 'Submarine Bells', 'Don't Be' and 'Strange Case', plus music videos for "Pink Frost' and I Love My Leather Jacket'



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