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Hero image for The Grass is Greener - Sam Neill

The Grass is Greener - Sam Neill

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1991

Some characters just jump off the page and some characters are very, very elusive. The elusive ones are usually the people I get offered.
– Actor Sam Neill on the film roles he usually wins
The things that get to me are either the extreme insecurity of New Zealand or the extreme smugness, I don't know which irritates me more.
– Sam Neill on the Kiwi traits that bug him
I think Otago's where I feel most at home...
– Sam Neill on his favourite part of New Zealand
I'm a woefully undertrained actor...but I think I can act and this is just something you have or you don't.
– Sam Neill on discovering his acting talent
When I find myself in some god awful part of the world like Warsaw or somewhere like that and I'm a bit homesick and a bit miserable and thoughts percolate through of home and usually it's some sort of image like bush or beaches and shimmering Hauraki water...
– Sam Neill on thinking about home from far away
It was incredible, these women who were high powered and highly educated just went really ga-ga over Sam.
– Producer Timothy West on certain audience reactions to Neill's smoldering performance in 1979 feature My Brilliant Career
...I was sent here to do some publicity for that film, and I landed in Melbourne. We had a press conference which was a disaster; only one reporter turned up. And he was from the sports pages. And he wasn't interested in the film so we just got drunk.
– Sam Neill on arriving in Australia in 1979 to publicise film Sleeping Dogs
Probably the happiest experience I've ever had on a film was, we did a film called Death in Brunswick ... I think our friendship sort of bled into that partnership on the screen.
– Sam Neill on making Death in Brunswick with John Clarke, on 2017 documentary Thanks for Your Time