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Hero image for The Gravy - Series Four, Episode 12 (Paint)

The Gravy - Series Four, Episode 12 (Paint)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2009

This fourth season edition of the award-winning arts series is all about paint. Host Ross Liew meets three artists who are exploring the medium's expressive possibilities in diverse ways: Ally Maher uses paint to portray corrosion, patina and the breaking down of surfaces; he reveals the work he did on the now-scuppered vessel Manuia for Peter Jackson’s King Kong. Helen Calder uses gravity, coaxing paint off the surface to make new shapes and Glenn Burrell encases objects in paint to form a skin and removes the original object, leaving a paint replica.

When you look at a painting you don’t obviously think ‘this is a vertical work, why isn’t it all falling off the surface?’. My work is really wanting to play with that idea, that the paint has melted off or fallen off or formed off the surface of the work.
– Helen Calder

Key Cast & Crew

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Tom Kelly


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Hamish Waterhouse

Camera, Director

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Marty Williams


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John Chrisstoffels


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Ross Liew


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Mhairead Connor

Executive Producer

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