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The Island

Television (Full Length) – 1965

This early children’s TV classic is a Kiwi take on a genre staple: the summer holiday adventure. Aucklanders Peter and Laura meet up with their Wellington friend Rangi and his older cousin Dan (Wi Kuki Kaa), and go on an expedition to Kapiti Island. The trio (minus Dan, who has a sprained ankle) go bush for some kids vs. wild action, peppered with a menagerie of manu (kākā, weka, kererū, tui), and tales of Te Rauparaha, whaling and ghosts. They camp, fish, skylark around cliffs and caves, summit the island, and inevitably get lost, before ... getting safely home.

When their Māori friends discovered how interested Peter and Laura were in local history, Dan had promptly suggested that they pack up the camping gear and explore the old Māori stronghold of Kapiti Island.
– From the narration

Key Cast & Crew

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Wi Kuki Kaa

As: Dan

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John Blick


Generic Profile image for Terry Bryan

Terry Bryan

Writer, Producer

Generic Profile image for Robert McLean

Robert McLean

As: Rangi

Generic Profile image for Arlene Graves

Arlene Graves

As: Laura

Generic Profile image for Keith Robertson

Keith Robertson

As: Peter

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NZ Broadcasting Corporation