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The Island

Television (Full Length) – 1965

When their Māori friends discovered how interested Peter and Laura were in local history, Dan had promptly suggested that they pack up the camping gear and explore the old Māori stronghold of Kapiti Island.
– From the narration
Now listen you kids, remember to be extra careful, because if anyone gets hurt, we’ll have to go back!
– Dan (Wi Kuki Kaa), just before spraining his ankle
Gee I could take off here and fly to Australia!
– Rangi (Robert McLean) from the top of the island (Tuteremoana), looking down 500 metres of steep cliffs
Well you’re a bright bunch aren’t you? Getting yourselves bushed on an island of this size! I’ve been looking for you for a couple of hours ...
– Caretaker Fox (ominously named for the island bird sanctuary) finds the lost children